• Tim Jones

    Tim Jones

  • David Marsden

    David Marsden

  • Alex Gordon

    Alex Gordon

    Inveterate lefty trade unionist train driver given to sarcasm when tired

  • Thomas Mark Baker

    Thomas Mark Baker

    Welsh. Perpetually angry.

  • Ralph Mercer 

    Ralph Mercer 

    PhD student, compulsive backpack collector, perpetually curious, Researching the future through our relationship with technology in the present

  • (((Mabon ap G)))

    (((Mabon ap G)))

    Tad, Gwr, Mab, Brawd, Wyr, Nai, Cefnder, Ffrind, Cymro / Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Grandson, Nephew, Cousin, Friend, Welsh.

  • Gruffudd Williams

    Gruffudd Williams

    Côdiwr, tâd, tyfwr tomatos, gofodwr

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